Corporate Social Responsibility – Dilemmas of elementary school kids

Kids Dilemmas

Social responsibility and involvement in the community are at the core of every successful organization. Sponsoring social associations, renovating clubs and other activities are beneficial and help share the success of the organization with the social environment.

The Israeli branch of one of the top global consulting firms (over 100,000 employees) gave us a challenge. They wanted to have a special activity that will create direct interaction with the young generation.  They wanted each employee to participate and be expressed. They were looking for a special experience that will empower and evolve the kids and the employees.

We decided to focus on ethical dilemmas and create an activity that will be shared by the employees and the kids. Together with the corporate responsibility officer, we selected a couple of dilemmas from our database and opened our crowd source platform to 60 5-6th grade classes in 30 different elementary schools.

The students and the employees were invited to the web site we have set up especially for this activity and describe (anonymously) dilemmas they have. Each student or employee visiting the web site could review the dilemmas that were collected.

Over 100 dilemmas were collected. A variety of exciting and valuable dilemmas. Relationship between kids at school, relationship with parents, personal dilemmas, moral dilemmas and social dilemmas. The content generated by the kids was serious, mature and challenging.

With the help of education professionals we prepared a booklet that contained all the dilemmas. Each dilemma was accompanied by a discussion of the complexity of the dilemmas and of potential solutions.

“Search The Troll” is a game we prepared especially for that activity. The dilemmas we collected from the kids were embedded into the game. Each employee received a special package containing the game and some instructor aids. Each employee had a short explanation about the game rules and guidelines for the activity.

450 employees went out – each employee equipped with the game – to the different schools. Each employee gathered a group of 8 kids and sat down to play. After a short introduction they started playing. During two hours the kids discussed the dilemmas. They discussed different aspects of each dilemmas and proposed solutions. With the help of the employee they formulated do and don’t do rules. The employees were part of the game, participating in the discussion and providing their adult point of view. If you could participate in one of the groups you would probably not believe your eyes.

At the end of the game the kids and the employees separated. The kids were excited about the experience they just had and about the opportunity they had to have an open and empowering discussion about things they are bothered with.

The employees were both excited and beneficial. They had an eye opening experience. After the game session the employees gathered and talked about the experience they just had. Everyone was surprised by the quality of the discussion and the bond that was created between them and the kids. The opportunity to have and insight into the rich and complex emotional world of the kids was educational and empowering. The parents among the employees said that their point of view of their kids have changed.

Dilemma example:

Few days ago on your way home from schools you saw couple of kids bothering another kid. You know this kid, he does not have allot of friends and other kids are always bothering him. He looked distressed and asked for your help. The other kids who were bothering him told you to back off and threatened you. What would you do?

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