Change management – Change of Executive management


A leading Global Israeli Pharmaceutical company was going through a  change. The Israeli management was replaced by an American management. The result was a series of fundamental changes throughout the company. One of the steps in the they were going through was formulating a new set of values and assimilating these values across the company.

The challenge: Engage the Human resource personnel in Israel in order to start and lead the assimilation of the new values set across the company. We wanted to have a unique focused experience that will help assimilate the new value set within the Human Resource professionals and equip them with tools they can use in order to drive the change everywhere.

We had short time. A human resource personnel conference was due in 4 weeks. We wanted to use this conference in order to initiate the process. 160 people from different divisions and professional segments where invited. We were asked to create an experience that will suit each segment.

We made our Crowd source platform available to the conference participants. The conference leader chose a couple of dilemma examples from our rich dilemmas database. A dedicated web site, inviting the participant to take part in creating a values games was setup automatically.

Each conference participant got an invitation to enter the conference web site and add – anonymously- a dilemmas he or she run into in his work. Each participant could also review all the dilemmas that where collected on the same web site.

61 dilemmas were collected in just 7 days. Exciting, unique and authentic dilemmas – specific and relevant to the company. Variety of dilemmas touching on all the different aspects of the human resource organization activities.

The steering committee of the conference reviewed a computerised report analyzing the different dilemmas showing how each company value is reflected in the dilemmas that were collected.

On the day of the conference – 160 human resource professionals gathered together to play a game. 20 table s were prepared. The Spin-It game was setup on each table. The dilemmas that were collected were already embedded into the game. Each player received a set of Flip-Cards. This is a unique decision making tool containing the new value set with elaboration on each value.

The game took on hour. This was a very intensive game. The goal of the game was to collect as many dilemma coins as possible. In order to win dilemma coins each player had to confront some of the dilemmas and propose a solution. This player had to debate with another player over a solution to a dilemma. The other players sitting around the table used the Flip Cards in order to evaluate and rate the different solutions and decide who of the two debaters won the coin.

The room filled with sounds of debates and was charged with energy. In one hour about 200 dilemmas were discussed in the different groups and about 400 solutions were suggested, evaluated and rated.

The game experience was concluded and summarise by the VP HR: “Through the game we had an opportunity to discuss assimilation of the company value set in our activities. We saw how abstract values turn into concrete and specific guidelines we can use to make decisions every day. We were exposed to a unique new methodology that can be used to explain and assimilate values in an exciting and engaging way. Each one of you can take the Flip Cards back to the work place and use it as a decision making tool in order to make better values based decisions”.

Dilemma example:

I was leading a manager’s development training. The trainees were told that the training will not be used for rating of their skills and their managers will not have access to the training grades. This setup is made on order to create a free unbiased training and development environment.

After the training has ended, one of the senior managers who had 3 of his subordinates attending the training, approached me and asked for feedback on his 3 managers. What should I do?

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