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YourMove’s Crowd Source is an innovative, easy and fast process that can substitute long and complex organizational analysis processes.

The process engages employees, drives them to action and facilitates creation of a dedicated custom game. In the game the players will confront dilemmas and cases collected by them.

The process runs on top of our Crowd Source platform and enables engaging with every employee in a cost effective and result driven manner.

The process can shed light on hidden problems and underlying attitudes.

The process is monitored by our team of expert consultants and is a powerful solution for organizational processes and training projects.

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Product Description

What Is Crowd Source?

Crowd Source is an innovative method to engage people and empower them to collaboratively create new things. In order to collaboratively create together you need to pick a subject and use a Crowd Source platform that will enable all the participants to share content and manage the creation process. YourMove’s Crowd Source solution combines Gamification, Internet and a dilemmas and cases database into a powerful process. In this process the participants engage in creating a custom game which is unique to them and to the subject they are dealing with.

The process creates engagement with the participants, drives them to action and creates openness and anticipation. Through the process dilemmas of the participants and cases that happened to them are being collected. The collected data is used for a computerized analysis that can serve as easy and fast substitute for a long and complex organizational analysis processes.

The dilemmas and cases that were collected using Crowd Source are used to create a unique custom game. In the game the players confront the dilemmas and cases they collected.

The Crowd Source process is innovative, powerful, fast and effective.

Crowd Source Benefits

The Crowd Source process has many advantages over traditional organizational development processes. The process can engage every employee in the organization. It is effective and does not consume allot of time from the participants. The process is good also for complex, branched and high variability organizations. The Crowd Source process can shed light on corners that are hard to reach with other methods.

Accessibility – A Unique Custom web site accessible from anywhere

The unique custom Crowd Source web site that will be setup for you is accessible to the participants from anywhere, any time. Employees will be able to visit the web site at work or at home. The web site can be accesses from their personal computer, from their tablets or from their smart phones.

Language is not a barrier anymore. You can collect dilemmas and dases in any language you choose. Collecting dilemmas and cases in the participants native language, using their own vocabulary increases the sense of authenticity of the dilemmas and cases and increases the openness of the players to confront, learn and be open to discuss those dilemmas.

You can easily incorporate the Crowd Source into your organizational portal or the organizational network. If you are using Crowd Source to collect cases from customers you will be able to incorporate the Crowd Source into your web site and into social networks.

Effective – Low investment, High Outcome

The time invested by every one of the participants is short. All the information is accessible. Examples of dilemmas turn the process of writing dilemmas and cases into a short and easy process. Collecting content from the participant eases the burden on you. All the collected data is in front of you and all you have to do is to choose.

The Crowd Source process creates involvement of the employees already at the early phase of preparation of the process. Involvement creates anticipation, openness and cooperation. In many cases we encounter employees that are excited to find their dilemma in the dilemmas card deck in the game.

The number of employees that be involved in the process is unlimited. You involve the entire organization if you wish.

The personal secured workspace we will setup for you will enable you to share data with colleagues and managers with a push of a button. You will be able to get feedback, collaborate and make decisions without long and tedious meetings and without being bound to a specific location.

Our database holds thousands of dilemmas and cases that were developed by our experts. You will be able to choose dilemmas and cases from our database at no extra cost and enrich the process that your are leading.

Our platform gives you full online control of the process. You can review the content collected anytime. You can decide on each dilemma and case if it matches your expectations. You can edit, add or delete any dilemma and any case.

Our team of expert consultants will help you along the process. They will suggest additional dilemmas, they will propose edits to the dilemmas collected and will prepare computerized reports analyzing the data collected.

All the data that is collected and the documents will be stored in your personal secured work space.

Process Coverage – Engage Any Employee, Any Time, Anywhere

Many organizations have changed from a long, painful and expensive process of having focus groups, interviewing employees by experts by to collecting cases and analyzing with a click of a mouse. The Crowd Source process can engage 100% of the employee and be operated by a single person.

You can have different subjects for Crowd Source for different groups in your organization based on different goals you may have. You can run several Crowd Source processes in parallel.

You can run the same Crowd Source process in different languages. You can use different vocabulary for different groups. It enables you to engage each population without dependency on location, language, function or seniority.

Process Depth – Uncovering hidden processes and attitudes

The Crowd Source process can uncover hidden processes, problems and attitudes. We may think that we know which dilemmas are bothering our employees. Our experience shows that we might be surprised. The process uncovers the employees inteerst points and shows what really bothers them.

Large organizations with branched organizational structure, with many groups and with a variety of functions have many dilemmas that are unique to a location, a group or a function. A generic approach creates a barrier between the participants and the topic of the training or the organizational process. If the gap between the participants world and the content of the training widens – the barrier employees have to cross when they try to map learning to their real life becomes bigger. This gap is hard to overcome. It requires complex skills. As a result we may have a good feeling at the end of a training session – after all we touched tough issues and learned – but the actual impact in the field is insignificant. Our Crowd Source solves the problem of customizing the content for each group.

Our team of experts will analyze and segment the content that is collected and will prepare computerized reports for you. The reports will show attitudes and processes that are taking place in the organization. The reports will allow you to compare between various groups and have a different action plan for each group.

How does it work

YourMove Crowd Source process has 3 steps:

  1. Setup

  2. Data Collection

  3. Processing


All the data and settings will be stored in your personal secured work space.

You can define the topic you would like to focus on.

You can write a personal note to the participants.

You can pick a couple of example dilemmas or cases from our database and upload your own dilemmas and cases.

We will setup a dilemmas and cases collection website and will send you a link to the site.

Data Collection

You can send the data collection web site link to employees you would like join the Crowd Source process. You can embed the link in your organizational portal or in any other site.

Each participant will have access through the link to your custom Crowd Source website. Every participant will be able to read your personal message, view dilemmas and cases that were collected and anonymously add dilemmas.


All the dilemmas and cases that were collected will be stored in your personal secured work space. We will prepare computerized reports that analyze and segment the dilemmas and cases that were collected.

You can choose out of the dilemmas and cases the ones you would like to be used for preparing the games.

You can edit the dilemmas and add your own dilemmas and add dilemmas from our database.


After you will finish selecting the dilemmas and cases we will manufacture for you card packs that are compatible with the game you chose to use.


Crowd Source Package Content

The Crowd Source package includes everything you need for a Crowd Source process. The package includes the following components:

  • 6 month license for using the Crowd Source platform.

  • Personal secured work space.

  • Custom web site for dilemmas and cases collection

  • Dilemmas and cases from our data base.

  • Call for action templates for use with the participants.

  • Unlimited collection of dilemmas and cases (unlimited number of dilemmas and unlimited number of participants)

  • Unlimited number of Crowd Source processes during the license period.

  • 5 hours of consulting by our team of experts.

  • 3 customized card packs compatible with the game you chose to use (up to 16 cards per pack).


You can get a free shipment. The card packs will be shipped to you through an express mail service within Israel and through EMS service internationally. You will be able to track the shipment online.

If you are interested in an alternative shipment method or have special requirements regarding the time and destination of the shipment contact us. We will be delighted to meet your requirements.

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