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The old king is dying and is looking for an heir. In order to win the kingdom the players will have to deal with dilemmas and scenarios. They will have to develop solutions and evaluate the quality of the solutions. The dilemmas and scenarios are collected using Crowd Source.

The Treasure Hunt game refreshes every training, provides depth to organizational processes and drives employees to action even on complex intangible topics. The game can upgrade the training and leadership skills of everyone – employees, managers, students, teachers, trainers and organizational consultants.

The game was successfully used in thousands of game sessions. The organizations that used the game wanted to combine confronting complex intangible issues with empowering of managers and employees. Using the game they have a unified methodology that enables them to easily customize the content for each group.

The game kit includes also a personal secured workspace the enables you to collect all the materials concerning the game and manage the training session and the preparation process.

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Product Description

The Treasure Hunt Game

The old king is dying and is looking for an heir. We are knights who are competing for the kingdom. The king wants his heir to be a person who can cope with challenging dilemmas and situations. He decided that whoever collects more dilemmas coins will inherit him and become the new king or queen.

In the game, the players are competing for the kingdom. In order to win the kingdom they have to collect dilemma coins. In order to win a coin they have to hold a debate or simulation with another player. The other debater is chosen using a dice. The two debaters have limited time (2 minutes) to propose solutions to the dilemma they drew from the dilemmas card pack. They have to hold a discussion and convince the rest of the players in their solution. When the time ends they have to be silent. The rest of the players start the timer again and within the allocated time discuss the solutions they just heard. They can use Flip Cards in order to evaluate the solutions based on the guidelines detailed in the Flip Cards. When the time ends they have to vote and decide who of the two debaters wins the coin.

The Treasure Hunt game is used to initiate and facilitate an open, engaging and empowering discussion. The game can turn complex intangible topics into simple and addressable. Using the game you can achieve discussion and analyze a case in a constructive and comprehensive fashion very fast. You can develop solutions and lay down an action plan. The game is dynamic. The game rules and the use of a timer keeps the discussion alive and makes it open and constructive.

The game can be used as an independent complete activity or as part of a full scale training plan or an organizational process. The game content (dilemmas, cases and Flip Cards) can be easily customized. You can use content from our content database, collect content using Crowd Source or upload your own dilemmas and cases.

The benefits of the Treasure Hunt game

The Treasure Hunt game refreshes any training, provides depth to organizational processes and drives employees to action even on complex intangible topics.

The game upgrades the training and leadership skill of every one – employee, manager, student teacher, trainer or organizational consultant. The flexibility of our methodology enables you to emphasize your goals and share your knowledge and expertise. Employees and managers will be able to deal with complex, loaded and even abstract challenges that might be intimidating without the game. Trainers and consultants will be able to achieve more in every session. They will be able to create a refreshing activity and create new and exciting touch points with their audience.

The game was played by a variety of groups – companies, organizations, and education institutes. This includes Hi-Tech, service organizations and industrial organizations. The Game was incorporated into a variety of activities and processes managed in different languages, different locations and different cultures. Customers choosing to play the game wanted to combine coping with intangible topics with empowering employees and managers. The game enabled them to have a unified process that can be customized for each group.

How does it work – Your Move unique methodology

Our Unique methodology is spreading across many global leading corporations. We can turn an abstract topic into concrete and tangible. We succeeded in combining technology with simplicity. We make facilitating discussion of complex topics into something anyone can be successful at. The efficiency of our method, the speed at which players get engaged with the subject at hand is unparalleled. Two hours of a game session can achieve more than a whole day of a workshop. A manager can turn into a coach, someone who develops and empowers employees. A trainer, consultant or HR professional can upgrade his skills easily. We combine Gamification with Crowd wisdom into a powerful method.

Traditional training methodologies rely on allegory and projection. Developing allegories using other domains and projecting key insights on the real world.  These methods have some noticeable drawbacks. The projection process requires expertise. An expert facilitator is required to help the trainees project from the other domain to their actual real domain. Projection is even a bigger challenge after the training has ended and the trainee has to project from the other domain to the current specific problems they have to solve.

Our methodology is unique. We create a game based world and embed real world dilemmas and scenarios into that world. We use crowd wisdom based methodologies to collect the relevant content (dilemmas and cases) in order to embed the real world, the practical relevant environment into the game. The result is a unique game that enables the players to deal with real, day to day challenges within the safe environment of the game rules.

Crowd wisdom, engaging the players through crowd source in order to customize the game, gamifying  the discussion and using assimilation aids, all create a simple, efficient and powerful process. This process best suits the ever changing world we leave in – it allows for fast, efficient, refreshing custom solutions for each challenge.

The combination of web based data collection, crowd wisdom and tangible game creates a unique ideal solution that can address wide audience. Everyone can identify and engage in the game and develop anticipation during the preparation phase. Our unique capability of creating a tangible game, while maintaining the customization capability creates a different game for every use and every occasion. The game does not require technical infrastructure and removes concerns and roadblocks about lack of technical infrastructure.

Customizing the game content

The Treasure Hunt game content is a collection of dilemmas or cases. The same game can be used with several different content packs. Each game you purchase will have one pack of dilemma cards selected from our rich database. You can choose a pre-selected dilemma card pack based on topic: Ethics, Leadership, Service, Sales and many more. If you do not find what you are looking for in the pre-selected packs we can query our database based on your definition.

You can customize the game to your specific requirements and embed your unique content. Most of our customers choose this option. You can collect dilemmas and cases using our Crowd Source process. This is a unique process that engages the players in the process of preparing the game and collects dilemmas and cases from them. The Crowd Source process has a lot of benefits. It creates anticipation among the players toward the game session and creates high involvement and engagement. In many cases the Crowd source serves as a fast and efficient alternative to organizational analysis. The data collected sheds light on challenges, areas that need addressing and intervention and exposes blind spots.

With Crowd Source you have full control. You have control of the dilemmas and cases that will be embedded into the game. You can add more dilemmas from our extensive database or add your own dilemmas. You can use the private secured workspace we have setup for you when you purchased the game and share your work with colleagues, get feedback and decide on the final set of dilemmas and cases that will be embedded in your game.

Your personal secured work space is where you can collect all the materials concerning the game and the game session. It allows you to manage the preparation process. You can invite the players to your own private section and find documents, guidelines and messages from you. You can invite colleagues to participate and share their views. You can invite instructors to find training documents and follow your guidelines. You can collect in one place all the content and documents generated during the process.

Treasure Hunt Game Specification

There is great flexibility in the time you have to allocate for the game. The game is intensive and all the players are active and engaged. In most cases one hour is allocated for playing the game. In one hour the players will be able to go through 8-10 dilemmas or cases. If you have time constraints you can allocate less time – 45 minutes or even 30 minutes. You can allocate more than an hour. Some customers allocated even 90 minutes for the game. The amount of dilemmas or cases covered in a game session will change accordingly.

The game can be played by 3-8 players. If you have larger groups you can have multiple games played concurrently.

This game has low intensity. Not every move by any player ends with a debate. As a result players who prefer to avoid debated can skip the dilemma coins. However the dice takes care that every player will get some share of debate.

The game has built in surprise cards which can change the game competitive landscape at any time. The surprise cards were designed in order to maintain a high engagement level. The surprise card prevents a dominant player from taking control over the game. The surprise cards make sure that as long as the game had not ended any player can still win.

The game is built of high quality materials and is packed in a metal box that keeps the game in good condition for long endurance and many game sessions.

The same game can be used with different card packs and be incorporated on a wide variety of activities.

It is very easy to get into the playing mind set and start playing the game. There is no need for long setup or a long period of learning the game rules. The players do not waste time and start dealing with the relevant content and creating value immediately.

The game suits a wide variety of ages. Anyone can connect and enjoy the game. Students or adults. The combination of crowd source with a tangible game addresses technology lovers as well as veterans.

The design of the game will give you the good feeling and joy of playing familiar box games.

You do not need a special training to be able to facilitate the game. The game kit contains everything that is needed in order to facilitate the game. The game itself manages the flow of the training session. Following the game rules is sufficient. The domain knowledge of the facilitator is important and is adding to the relevancy of the game. The game rules and the timer will help you steer the discussion in the best way. We have accumulated many success stories of people without training experience successfully facilitating discussion of complex intangible topics.

An experienced trainer will be able to benefit even more. The game rules and the time allocated to the facilitator takes care of the place of the facilitator.

Treasure Hunt Game kit content

The game kit contains everything needed for a standalone game session or in order to incorporate the game into a wider training plan.

Upon purchase of a game we will open for you a secured personal workspace that will enable you to collect and manage all the documents and data generated along the process. In this area we will collect for you all the content, presentations and accessories that are part of a game kit. Purchasing the game gives free one year subscription to the personal secured workspace.

Kit Content:

  • Treasure Hunt game board

  • Dilemma coins

  • Dilemma cards pack

  • Digital timer

  • Battery for the digital timer

  • Game pawns

  • Dice

  • Elegant metal box

  • Game instructions

  • Game facilitator instructions

The following documents will be loaded into your secured personal workspace:

  • Game rules

  • Game facilitator guidelines

  • Dilemmas set

  • “How to play the game” presentation

  • Sample game based training agenda

  • Crowd source invitation template

  • Special offers, innovations and surprises that we select  especially for you


You can get a free shipment. The game will be shipped to you through an express mail service within Israel and through EMS service internationally. You will be able to track the shipment online.

If you are interested in an alternative shipment method or have special requirements regarding the time and destination of the shipment contact us. We will be delighted to meet your requirements.

We are confident in the success of the game. We have so many success stories. however – our No questions asked return and refund policy enables you to return the game kit up to 30 days after purchase and get refund.

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