Free Leadership Exercises Database

Free Leadership Exercises

The Free Leadership Exercises Database will solve the challenge of finding leadership activities that fits your specific needs. This an HR expert’s community effort to create the best free and easy to use leadership exercises database.

What are Leadership Exercises?

Leadership exercises (or leadership activities) are activities that help develop and improve the participant’s organizational skills. These engaging activities introduce a challenge to the participants. Solving the challenge requires exercising specific soft skills.

Well designed leadership exercise help the participants get feedback on their behavior and on the behavior of other team members. This feedback can be used to demonstrate the impact of their behavior on the group performance.

A discussion following the leadership exercise can help the participants gain further insights and reflect on their day to day behaviors.

A Leadership exercise followed by a group discussion can be a trigger for a change and for performance improvement.

Good leadership exercises are engaging and boost morale. They can be used as starting point for a training session or as a team building activity.

Finding a good Leadership Exercise

You can find numerous ideas, examples and templates for leadership exercises online. Currently there are more than 500,000 sites offering all kinds of leadership exercises and activities. Some of the exercises are well designed and have a proven impact.

The exploding variety of exercises contains within it a significant challenge. It is not easy to find an activity that was designed for the specific skills you need to address. Once you find such an activity how can you tell if this activity is good?

The benefit of a leadership exercise depends on the discussion following the activity. What is the best way to facilitate the discussion following the leadership exercise you chose? Does it require special facilitation skills? What happens if you are a leader and not a facilitator?

Confronting the challenge

Recognizing this challenge and following discussions on LinkedIn groups we decided to confront this challenge.

We have years of experience with Crowd Source (creating skills training solutions by the crowd). Crowd Source and Crowd Wisdom are the cornerstones of our methodology.

Our vision is an on-line database of leadership exercises. This database will be free and open for everyone to use. You will be able to search for exercises based on demonstrated skills or exercise complexity. You will be able to sort exercises by the feedback of the people who have already tried them. You will be able to communicate with the author of the exercise and get more insights

In order to make the exercises easy to use we have a unified format. We decided to use a Recipe book format. Such a format may appear restrictive, but using a proven familiar format is what will make this repository easy to use.

How does it work? Anyone can submit a leadership exercise or a leadership activity to the database.  The Leadership Exercises Database will be free for anyone to search, print or download. You will be able to rate exercises that you like and exercises that you have successfully used. This rating will show on each exercise.

Join the crowd

Having your leadership activities included in the Free Leadership Exercises database feels great and is very fulfilling. We will be granting the authors of the best rating exercises with prestigious awards.

This is a start. We welcome ideas for improvement.

Visit the Free Leadership Exercise database today and submit your exercise.


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