About YourMove

YourMove is a leading gamification solution provider that specializes in engaging employees through gaming for sales acceleration, for customer experience excellence and for performance improvement of managers and teams.

With more than 50 enterprise customers, more than 2500 scenarios in our database, and over 75000 players – our Gamification products are used to engage employees, enable open dialogue, share knowledge, develop solutions and increase performance in an effective, scaleable and immediate way.

For employees, our products are a set of games that are a fun way to share knowledge, overcome challenges, and be part of a social fabric.

For organizations, we provide a methodology for generating organizational knowledge, increasing performance and achieving results.

We are a team of passionate experts – a combination of business, psychology and product design knowledge. Our Unique offering in the growing gamification market, together with customers advocating our value, enables us to provide real time solutions to global corporations.

YourMove was founded in 2009 and is a privately held company.