Increase engagement and interaction with your employees. Grow leaders. Improve collaboration, Take execution and decision making to the next level. Achieve results faster while having fun.

Our Features

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Exciting, refreshing and fun

With our proven gamification technology you increase engagement, improve learning efficiency and achieve results. Even the most abstract and complex topics become exciting and simple.
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Easy to use

Our solutions are as easy as playing a game. Everything you need to have an exciting session is included. Our products are successfully used by trainers, consultants and managers. Our youngest user is a 3rd grade student.
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Tailored to your need

Every product can be tailored to your need on line. You can create your own version with you specific content with a click of a button.
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No risk, guaranteed success

Our solutions are already used by more than 50 happy global corporations around the globe. Satisfaction is high and the results are amazing. But we are not resting - we are constantly improving our products based on each customer feedback.

Latest Success Stories

Convenience Store

Improve Convenience Stores Chain Sales

The impact of the service level and sales skills of the sales team of the convenience stores located in gas stations is dramatic. Improving the performance of these stores which ...

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Employee Evaluation – Giving Feedback

We turned an employee evaluation process that was a source of cynicism and disconnect between management and employees into a real process that was sincere and promoted leadership. The combination ...

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Hotel service improvment

Hotel Service Improvement

One of the leading hotel chains in Israel implemented a customer service improvement process based on the Space Quest game. A collection of service cases in 4 different languages was ...

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Kids Dilemmas

Corporate Social Responsibility – Dilemmas of elementary school kids

A unique activity that creates a special and empowering bond between employees and the young generation. 450 employees played “Search The Troll” and discussed dilemmas of elementary school kids. 60 ...

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Change management – Change of Executive management

A leading global Pharmaceutical company was going through a change of its executive management. We had only 4 weeks to create a custom exciting event that will turn the human ...

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